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I’m a Ruby on Rails programmer. At my job I deal with project management and I’m not required to code. Still, I have strong opinions on how software is built and delivered. In this section I share some of my more conversation-worthy views.

How I build websites

I use bootstrap. I keep the layout simple. I test simplicity using w3m. Permalinks are very important. And last but not least, the back functionality should always work as expected. Even if you’re going back to an infinite scroll.

How I design apps

The best app design in iOS is the I prefer using of tables as much as possible.

My solution for QA automation for rails projects

RSpec is the framework everybody uses for real rails projects that are in production. In a ruby-centric dev team I prefer to stay with as much ruby as possible for everything, including QA automation. Junior ruby devs are the perfect worker-bees to provide dev support to the QA team and write specs using selenium-webdriver to automate front-end testing.

My preference for a GitHub workflow

I love GitHub. My preferred workflow inside my team is the common flow we all use when contributing to open-source projects. First, fork the repo. Then, to make a change push your new feature branch in your fork, because nobody is allowed to push any branches to the main fork. And then make the pull request from the feature branch in your fork to a develop branch in the main fork. After code review and green tests merge the PR. The develop branch is merged to master with a pull request that also runs the tests, after which master is deployed.

Personal knowledge sharing

My friends think I’m odd when it comes to shoes, clothes and other earthly possessions. I think I’m mostly practical, but read on and judge as you will.

Proper shoes

Most people don’t know this, but there are shoes that are built around the natural shape of the foot. It makes sense that all shoes should be like that, but most are actually not. Wearing proper shoes can bring some serious improvement to your life.

Proper jeans

Best jeans are made from raw unwashed denim, that is stiff and doesn’t stretch. I prefer Levi’s vintage clothing because their classic 501 jeans have a comfortable high waist.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a miracle. I’m a huge fan of Buffs. And I switched to mostly wool socks even in the summertime. Recently I started wearing wool t-shirts as well.

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