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For the longest time my website had heavy focus on photography. I love photography, and when I have time for it, mostly when I travel, I photograph people and cities. I have an informal, unposed style. This page is lacking in pictures at the moments. I consider it a draft. I am adding content in my spare time and I haven’t yet figured out what works well for showcasing photography.

Following are random thoughts of mine, split in two parts - first is programming and work-related topics, second one has various personal findings and conclusions.

There is also an /about page with some more background.

I’m a Ruby on Rails programmer. At my job I deal with R&D project management and I’m not required to write code. Still, I have strong opinions on how software is built and delivered. In this section I share some of my more conversation-worthy views.

Developing for web mostly means producing websites. I prefer to keep a simple and common layout. I often validate true simplicity using a text-only web browser called w3m. I am not saying that every time this would work. But if you take a holistic approach and re-think the problem you’re stuck trying to solve with layers upon layers of complication, often a simple server-client logic and whatever the opposite of single-page is, I guess normal, would cover 99% of the solution.

Particular pain point for me when it comes to UX is keeping the back functionality work as expected. I hate infinite scrolling, and I can overthrow most reasoning behind it but if you’re stuck with it, hitting the browser’s back button, going back to an infinite scroll, should result in displaying the same content that was there before.

I have strong opinions about mobile app layouts and iOS especially. In my opinion the is a good example of consistency and native experience. I’d say, when in doubt, go with tables, as much as possible.

I cannot say I’m good at writing tests, but I have never worked on a project that is not well tested. My experience with Rails says RSpec is THE framework everybody uses for real projects that are in production. In a ruby-centric dev team my preference so far has been to stay with as much Ruby code as possible, for everything, including feature testing and so-called automated QA. Personally I’d put all programmers in one department, but in organizations where QA is a separate organization, I have utilized junior ruby devs as the perfect worker-bees to provide dev support to the QA team, writing specs in order to automate front-end feature testing.

Personal knowledge-sharing:

My friends think I’m odd when it comes to shoes, clothes and other earthly possessions. My view is I’m mostly practical, but read on and judge as you will.

Most people don’t know this, but there are shoes that are built around the natural shape of the foot. It makes sense that all shoes should be like that, but most are actually not. Wearing proper shoes can bring some serious improvement to your life.

Best jeans are made from raw unwashed denim, that is stiff and doesn’t stretch.
I prefer Levi’s vintage clothing because their classic 501 jeans have a comfortable high waist.

Merino wool is a miracle.
I’m a huge fan of Buffs. I also switched to mostly wool socks, even in the summertime. And recently I started wearing wool t-shirts as well.

I don’t own a TV. I’m proud to say that statement is valid since 2007.

Finally, people say I’m friendly – you can contact me by sending an email to something at

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