I’m back on Tumblr. Mainly so that I don’t have to deal with shit like licensing and privacy.

Đ¢his is one of my favorite photographs. Taken by Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada.
I wanted to start with it an effort to publish here daily snapshots.

I had a brief talk the other day with my good friend Drago Goranov on the topic.
Turns out I don’t really understand the snapshot culture. But there is value, and perhaps some vague touch of journalism in taking pictures of mundane daily objects.

My attempts from last year to get into Polaroids with the Impossible Project turned out to be a quite disappointing endeavor. So maybe I could push myself into something not so distant, yet more comfortable, and more fitting to my own style of shooting.

Additionally the site now shows only the last publication with a fullscreen image and the caption on top. Let me know how you find that idea.