Exactly 10 days since my commitment to publish daily snapshots. I guess I’m not nearly disciplined enough for such a thing. But I’ll keep on trying.

This one I call ‘last days of summer’. As those were literally the last summer days for this year. It’s sad really. I don’t feel comfortable when it’s cold. And I usually take even less photos in the winter.

The image reminds me of an idea I had recently, of how much less (stuff) I need to carry with me, since I started traveling so frequently. That bag fits everything I need except for clean clothes. And in a way all I have in terms of valuable objects.

Speaking of those, the new iPhone is out. And while I was creating the mobile layout of this page I came into a bit of revelation to why we need the big iPhone 6 Plus so much. Nobody really needs a big phone. But the web is a concept that most people don’t understand. And as a result of that web design isn’t generally getting better. On the other side when we are talking about mobile, we tend to put more constrains derived from recently made popular ‘good’ practices. And this makes for better user experience somehow. So it’s natural for people to want to use their phones more than their laptops for browsing. So I could understand everyone’s obsession over large screens. I just hope this website looks good on those.

Let this post also be a shout out to everybody (Drago) considering the free option of building a photography website with Tumblr. It obviously is possible. And I’m at this point properly skilled at building Tumblr themes.