Keyboard Input in Full-screen Safari

In most desktop browsers you can view any page in full-screen. Try it (ESC stops it).

In macOS full-screen was embraced system-wide after the success of the iPad. Similar to how iOS apps look full-screen mode is a less distracting way to work on a single task. And especially valuable for small screens. Most apps on a Mac support full-screen mode, including Safari. But there is a way to gain even more screen real estate for browsing - hiding all system UI completely. It's also particularly useful for presentations and screen-sharing.

In Safari full screen can be initiated by calling the webkitRequestFullscreen() method as I demonstrated above.

Actually the full-screen functionality is meant for video. In Safari documentation full-screen is still listed under HTML5 Audio and Video.

Despite that it was possible to call the webkitRequestFullscreen() method with a flag ALLOW_KEYBOARD_INPUT. At least until September 2013.

The ability to accept alphanumeric keyboard events in full-screen mode is considered a security risk by Apple. My best guess is that it could allow for websites to mimic system UI and in full-screen to trick users into entering sensitive data.

The above mentioned documentation goes on to explain that the webkitRequestFullscreen() method can only be invoked in response to a user action, such as clicking a button. It cannot be invoked in response to a load event, for example.

This should solve any security concerns. But ALLOW_KEYBOARD_INPUT is no longer even mentioned in the documentation. It looks like the full-screen functionality in Safari is after all intended to stay as part of HTML Audio and Video. Pitty because I think there are use cases calling for fully capable full-screen API.

Curiously in Safari Technology Preview - Apple's beta version of Safari for developers keyboard input works in full-screen without any flags needed to be passed.

It could just be one of those lingering issues in Apple's ecosystem. I've raised a couple of bugs about it. And I'm inviting everyone interested in the topic to help, comment, find solutions, and continue the discussion for proper full-screen support.

December 2016,
Veselin Petkov