Early Summer Report

As I promised to myself, now more than a couple of weeks ago, I started shooting exclusively with iPhone. And it's going great so far. I'm sharing more pictures than ever. Almost every day in fact.

For me that - publishing every day - is huge. I have more undeveloped films and RAW files than I could possibly go through. I always forget to share trip photos with friends. And not last, my Mom is constantly complaining she doesn't have enough recent pictures of me.

I'm also posting to Facebook and Instagram. Everyone who knows me knows that social networks are not my thing. But I want to change that. I don’t have a particularly substantial following or anything but so far it’s going good.

There's much to be learned still of course. About Facebook. About the esthetics of Instagram and what not.

However, going from taking a picture to editing to publishing to all your followers in less than a minute is an amazing process, not doubt about that.

June 2015,
Veselin Petkov