I Won't Be Vlogging

I had the idea of starting a vlog. I've been known to overshare and vlogs are something people actually do now. And not just kids either. It was a fairly good idea but... I'm not sure what's worse - my spoken english or the fact that I tried to stage waking up in the morning.

Besides I barely keep up with writing. Vlogging? This shit takes time. It was helpful though. Thinking about it helped me remember how much I like writing and publishing, and also photography (I'll get to that later).

We do consume a lot of video today. That's probably because people don’t have time to read blogs and news articles. I don't know. I wish that's wrong. However, I refuse to support zombification. I'll stick to writing, thanks.

That being said vlogs are not evil. There are people who produce great content. And they should reach greater audiences. But I'm not going to make movies just because I’m too lazy to write. Or because potentially people are to lazy to read.

And also I doubt I'll be a good movie maker. I'm not a fan of the dark room. Movies are about preparation, and editing, and patience

I hate post processing. As a photographer it kills me. It's why I love the internet so much. And digital cameras. And Instagram. I can take great pictures and put them out for the world to see in seconds. Without editing. Without hassle.

Video unfortunately cannot be like that. It's not about technology or the next generation of digital gear. The process of video editing is a tedious art form. That I guess is not at all my craft.

I just want to take more pictures. And share more pictures.

May 2015,
Veselin Petkov