Wool Socks

As I'm reloading My Orders page on Amazon in hope that the delivery date for the socks I ordered will change I'm reminded I haven't written anything in awhile.

Let me tell you all about wool socks and my recently found obsession with them.

Last winter I bought my first pair. Before that I always found winter socks (or to be fair, any sort of special socks) to be for the weak. But as I'm growing older, so is my body starting to irritate me more and more. I get sweaty in the summer. In the winter I need to wear a hat. And my feet won't stay warm on their own anymore. All problems that 20 year old me never had.

I haven't had anything made from wool since I was a little kid. As far as I remember wool is itchy and therefor unpleasant. And so, on a short trip to Madrid, a little more than a year ago, as I was feeling cold I bought myself a sweatshirt to keep warm. A very nice sweatshirt made from wool. Armed with this newly found knowledge that wool is not unpleasant but it is in fact quite nice. And worm. I searched on the Internet what other wool clothes I might get. This naturally brought me to socks. And my first ever pair of wool socks.

Did you know that wool socks don't ever stink up? Well, not ever... But as much as they are good at keeping you warm without getting too hot, wool socks will also keep you cool in the summer and won't let your feet get sweaty.

And if you like leather shoes, like I do. Everything that makes leather shoes great, all the qualities of natural materials, the breathability of the leather and such is further complemented by the qualities of the wool socks acting as insulation while letting the moisture out and keeping your feet comfortable.

Naturally it makes sense that the Bavarian Tracht includes socks made from lambswool. And they wear them even in the summer. I might even get the full Lederhosen outfit for this year's Oktoberfest 🤠🍺

January 2017,
Veselin Petkov